James Fisher

James Fisher

Matt Train – Salesforce Integration and Analytics

Matt Train – Salesforce Integration and Analytics, 8-26-2015

Francois Hollande – speech, during his visit to San Francisco

at the Hilton San Francisco, around 2500 French people attended, February 12th, 2014

Ingenhoven 2013 Greetings

Ingenhoven 2013 Greetings

Assaf – jaspersoft.com

Assaf – Jaspersoft.com

Dreamforce at Moscone center

Dreamforce at Moscone center – tuesday 11/19/2013 with Mark Benioff and Alex Dayon

Pause – on Market st by sf Exploratorium

Pause on Market st by SF Exploratorium

Demo and Pitch

Demo and Pitch – 27 startup demo and pitch

Jean-Yves Conte – i-localization.com

Jean-Yves Conte – tr@i-localization.com

Radhika Emens – Tanjah Partners

Radhika Emens – Tanjahpartners.com

Alfred Vericel et Antoine Boulin, techmedianetwork.com

Alfred Vericel et Antoine Boulin, bestofmedia.com and techmedianetwork.com

Transmedia sf, bernie su and byard duncan

Transmedia SF, september 2013

Alain Fastre – CriticalKnowledge.com

Alain Fastre – afastre@criticalknowledge.com

Katharine Whipple

Katharine Whipple in french

Dominique Pouliquen – Autodesk

Dominique Pouliquen – Autodesk

Elena Philipova

Elena Philipova – fashion – premiumexhibitions.com

Nicolas Bassand – Rebellion Lab

Nicolas Bassand – consultant – Rebellion Lab

ALbert Benichou

ALbert Benichou – chanteur guitariste – compositeur

interview in french and english

trasmedia sf at swissnex – Chuck Eyler

The future of Game and entertainment

Xavier Avat

Xavier Avat

Jean Marie Eichner

Jean Marie Eichner

Benoit Schillings – DBF – mars 2013

benoit schillings – DBF – interviewe par jean louis gassee

Hairstyle fashion show – Atelier Emmanuel

fashion show – 2-28-2013