Yazid Askas and Jenn cooking show

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Yazid Aksas – Aksel Paris from aline on Vimeo.

week of 01/18/11: Yazid Askas nous parle de Aksel Paris, une ligne de chemise avec un col qui reste eleve sans cravate. voir www.akselparis.com. Yazid un etudiant francais a Stanford a demarrer som business online il y a un an. Seront vendu sur mobile phone a la fin de l’annee et il ouvre le marche au Mexique tres bientot.

week of 01/10/11: Jenn cooking show. Elle commence par une simple recette americaine de “brownies” petit gateau au chocolat.

Ben Templeton – Digital Curiosity

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Thoughtden. Ben Templeton – Digital Curiosity from aline onVimeo.

week of 11/30/10: Ben Templeton – Digital Curiosity – ben@thoughtden.co.uk – creative diretor – 077 5150 8311 go viral, go global, go digital, be curious!, Sally Applin, designer, researcher & Anthropunk PhD student at University of Kent

Robert Pratten

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Spoilrr – October 26, 2010 from aline – french american tv onVimeo.

week of 10/26/10: Transmedia – Robert Pratten at the October Spoilrr meetup The future is probably here now but old business models and out-dated ideas can keep us blinkered to new opportunities. As these industries and models converge, grow or die they offer insights to others – let’s share those insights and our skills.

Startup Waffle San Francisco Entrepreneur Meetup

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week of 10/04/10: Startup waffle San Francisco Entrepreneur Meetup Tuesday, September 28, 2010 7:30 AM! Host by BizTechDay and Startup Digest Citizen Space 425 2nd St 1st Floor San Francisco CA 94107 71 Entrepreneurs and Change Makers meet Startup Digest co-founders, hackers, and founders for some breakfast between 8am-10am at Light Speed Venture Partners courtyard. Meetup, PO Box 4668 #37895 New York, New York 10163-4668 Meetup HQ in NYC is hiring! http://www.meetup.com/jobs/ then : 60 miles 3 days walk to raise money for breast cancer – walkers on Dolores st – sunday 10/3/2010 then Fiesta at the Dolores auditorium on 16th st.