Special events...

These specials appeared on TV at different times this year as they were one to two hours long.

week of 06/06/11: David Gurle - skype for business - dbf.net du 6 Juin 2011

week of 04/04/11: Dan Serfati au dbf d'Avril 2011 www.viadeo.com dseerfati@viadeoteam.com

week of 12/06/10: We The People Garden On Mc Allister - a garden where people grow vegetable then distribute them free to the people once a mont

week of 12/06/10: In front of US Federal court circuit 9 during hearing on prop 8

week of 10/10/10: Choir, fundraising for homeandhope.net, a shelter in San Mateo

week of 10/03/10: Fiesta at the Dolores Auditorium on 16th and Dolores - Consul of Mexico, Club Honestidad, Tranditional Mexican Dance and party

week of 10/6/10: Event : "Afganistan: 9 years and counting", featuring Daniel Ellsberg, author and activist, Karel, Green 960 AM Radio Talk show host, Micheal Eisenscher, US Labor against the war, John Dennis, Republican candidate, 8th Cong District, Angela Keaton, Antiwar.com, taped at the Unitarian Universalists Society 1187 Franklin st, San Franicsco on Wednesday October 6, 2010.

Music Tech - Part III - May 17, 2010 - Kabuki Hotel, SF from aline - french american tv on Vimeo.

week of 05/31/10: Music tech, www.sfmusictech.com, michael tylson Thomas, sf symphony, Jack Conty, pomplamoose, Glenn Otis Brown, youtube, Ben Folds, musician, celia Hirschman, moderator. kcrw, taped May 17, 2010 at the Kabuki Hotel, San Francisco

Bay to Breakers - Part I from aline - french american tv on Vimeo.

bay to breakers - sunday may 16, 2010 - part II from aline - french american tv on Vimeo.

bay to breakers - part III from aline - french american tv on Vimeo.

bay to breakers - part IV from aline - french american tv on Vimeo.

bay to breakers - part V from aline - french american tv on Vimeo.

May 16, 2010 - Bay to breakers 2010, golden gate park - part IV

group of volunteers clean golden gate park from aline - french american tv on Vimeo.

May 8rd, 2010 - Group of Volunteers clean Golden Gate park. Gardener Andy Stone, 25 years with the SF recreation and parks, likes to teach children about plants and animals at the park - antplant@aol.com. He is always looking for volunteers 415-307-9207 www.youtube.com/user/andystonepark

Loic Lemeur au dbf de Mai 2010 from aline - french american tv on Vimeo.

May 3rd, 2010 - Loic Lemeur au dbf de Mai 2010

illegals' demonstration on Mission st from aline - french american tv on Vimeo.

May 1st, 2010 - Demonstration on Mission st for illegals rights

hamilton recreation center inaugural from aline - french american tv on Vimeo.

Ross Mirkarimi from aline - french american tv on Vimeo.

Hamilton Recreation Center Inaugural performances : Ross Mirkarimi, District 5, speech and tour of the pool, basketball court, kids play room, face painting. "Bay Area Girls" teenage girls band performs in the Community room. saturday march 6, 2010

nicolas elbaze from aline - french american tv on Vimeo.

Nicolas Elbaze interviewe par Jean Louis Gassee au DBF du 1er Mars 2010 voir www.dbf.net.

APEC - International career Fair at Hotel Nikko in SF sat, May 28, 07 Speakers from Bank of the West, Google, overview of expo with French and International recruiters

Madeline Levine : The price of Privilege - Madeline Levine is a Marin County psychologist with over 25 years of experience as a clinician, consultant and educator. Her current book "The Price of Privilege" explores the reasons teanagers from affluent families are experiencing epidemic rates of emotional problems. Backed by cutting edge research, Madeline Levine propose practical and credible solutions. taped Jan 14, 07, Larry Bisagni.

Dan San Souci : Writing Books for a Digital Generation - As a writer and illustrator of children's books, Dan San Souci captures the mind of a child with his words and pictures. San Souci talks about writing for the children in the information age. taped jan 7, 07, Larry Bisagni

Bob McGee - The Greatest Ballpark Ever - Bob McGee takes us back to the corner of Bedford and Sullivan in Flatbush, examining the legendary ballpark and the borough where Brooklynites pulled for their "Bums of summer" Larry Bisagni - 415 749-6308 - 1 hour - taped sun, dec 17, 06

Jan Wahl : San Francisco Center Stage - One of the Bay Area most recognizable personalites, KRON's Jan Wahl will discuss the roles San Francisco has played on the silver screen, and how a critic examines entertainment - Larry Bisagni - 415 749-6308 - 1 hour - taped sun, nov 19, 06

James Garbarino - Suffer little children - As a member of the UNICEF mission to Kuwait and Iraq, Dr. James Garbarino assesses the effect of the Gulf War on Children. He is a researcher who specializes in spiritual and identity development in children exposed to violence. Dr. Garbarino has found an alarming rise in aggression amoung adolescent girls and has some controversial suggestions for how we can turn young people around. Author of "See Jan Hit : Why Girls are growing more violent and What we can Do about it. Larry Bisagni - 1 hour

Bishop William Swing : The end of an era - Looks back on his work in the community and the global communion - recorded February 12th, 2006 - Larry Bisagni - 415 749-6308 - 1 hour

"Gerald Uelmen : In defense of Justice. Law professor Gerald Uelmen was on the O.J. Simpson "dream team" and was counsel for Daniel Ellsberg during his Pentagon Papers trial. Uelmen has also gone toe to toe with the U.S. Justice Department before the Supreme Court in defense of medical marijuana. He will share his views on the recent selection of Supreme Court nominees. Find out how politics determine the shape of justice in America. taped January 22nd, 06 Larry Bisagni.

"Richard Rodriguez: The culture of American Identity - Richard Rodriguez offers an unorthodox perspective on race, class and multiculturalism in America today. growing up in a Mexican household in America, he was an outsider who became a perceptive observer of our society. His controversial views on bilingual education and affirmative action were shaped by his peronal experiences, but he is often criticized by the Latino community for betraying and abandoning his cultural roots. Find out what drives his passionate and controversial critic. Richard Rodrigues, editor for Pacifc News Service. Commentator on NewsHour with Jim Lerher, author of Brown: The Last Discovery of America" - taped January 15, 06 Larry Bisagni

"Gavin Newsom - 42nd Mayor of SF - A look back on 2005 - Gavin Newsom made political history when he allowed same-gender couples to marry in San Francisco's City Hall - Reflecting on his past two years in office, the mayor will discuss the city's recent victories and reveal the progress made towards resolving the persistent issue of homelessness". Larry Bisagni - taped Jan 8, 2006

"Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim : Coordinators of the forum on relision and ecology, Buscknell university - God is in the environment. Faced with the problem of the global climate change and ecological degradation, researchers Mary Evely Tucker and John Grim sought solutions in the wisdom of the world's religious traditionss. In this fascinating forum, they will describe the ethical Christian response to ecological abuse and tell about engaged religious people protecting the environment across the planet." Larry Bisagni - taped dec 11, 2005

Irene Marshall - Working with recruiters, 1 hour

Workshop Dilip Saraf Part I,www.7keys.org - author of new book Hired not Retired - 1 hour

SF Marathon sunday August 1st, 04 taped on haight st and End of line Embarcadero, 1 hour

SF Comedy at 50 Mason st with Ian Jenson and friends taped thursday July 30th, 04 Joe Klocek - http://www.joeklocek.com/ Runner-up in the 2003 International San Francisco Comedy Competition Finalist in the 2002 Comedy Central Laugh Riots contest - Doug Ferrari - http://www.dougzilla.com 1�2 Hour Comedy Hour (2) MTV, Evening at the Improv (4) A&E. Aundre the Wonderwoman KPFA, ACLU-NC Board member, Board of Death Penalty Focus, Former Assistant District Attorney and victim and one hell of a stand up comedian. Mike Spiegelman Fresh Robots, host of Spiegelmania, features at Punchline and Cobbs, & the bitter show. Anatoly Brant Russian Comedian and former “covert laugh� operations specialist in Moscow. and your host George W performing his greatest hits like: "W.M.D. yo you know me","Bin Laden ain't got no Bling Bling" "Will the real slim shady please stand up", please.."SAD-DAMMIT where are they?" "Oops, I did it again" - duet with Britney.- S.F.- 2 hours

Ralph Nader Rally with Peter Camejo, Matt Gonzalez, and other candidates at Mission High School - Friday July 16, 04 S.F.- 2 hours

Bastille day - 14th of July Celebration taped on Belden Place and other alleys on Bush st - S.F.- 2 hours

2nd annual Traffic urban entertainment convention Traffic is an outdoor concert & tradeshow of urban Music, Art, Dance, fashion, Business and Culture - taped July 10th, 04 Union Square San Francisco - 2 hours

Fillmore st Jazz Festival taped Sat July 3rd and Sunday July 4th, 04 - 1-1/2 hour

Gay Pride Day performances taped June 27th, 04 at Civic Center - 1 hour

June Teen Festival on Fillmore st taped June 16/17,04 -1 hour

Haight Street Fair taped June 13th, 04 - 2 1/2 hour

SBC Park Celebration 56th anniversary of Israel - Performances, speakers, parades, dance and crowd taped 6/6/04- 3 1/2 hours

Peace Rally taped 6/5/04 United Naions Plaza and Justin Herman Plaza - interview Michael@polyblog www. tikkun.org - 4 hours

Equilibrium the Ten Sefirot - Musical - 1 hour

Sf International Film Fesival Press Conference SFIFF april 15 to april 29 sffs.org - 45 min

Peace Rally in SF (2 hours) (Civic Center sat 3/20/04. Anniversary of war in Irak)

Mardi Gras Party at the Monte Carlo Restaurant taped 2/28/04

Gay weddings in San Francisco 2 hours special. Feb 15 coming outside then ceremonies Feb 16, 17, 20, see http://test.chanz.tv/new&events.htm

2 plays : The Island with Myers Clak and David Steward. A cell on Robben Island, South Africa, and Sizwe bansi is Dead with Fred Pitts, David Stewart - Style's Photographic Studio in the South African Township of New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. Buntu's Apartment in Port Elizabeth. A street in Port Elizabeth. Directed by Lewis Campbell.

3 hours annual Hip Hop break dancing contest in SF Somarts 934 brannan st on 8/9/03

The Cooking show by Scott Nery at the climate theatre every tues 8 p.m. 285 9th St. SF scot@jugglegood.com

Dennis Kucinich at the Unitarian Center with special guest Alice Walker

Dennis Kucinich: Address Ethnic Media and Community Concerns hosted by New California Media at the World Affair Council of Northern California

coverage of the mayoral race: Matt Gonzalez vs Gavin Newsom

mayoral candidates debate at UCSF on 9/3/03 part I and II

San Francisco International film festival : Golden gate award, closing party, opening party 3 h

Civic Center demonstration 9/28/03 (stop occupation in Irak) 40 min

Luis Bautista : A Philipino in the US for Heart surgery will speak about life in the US and Philipines

Marc Tognotti presents at the Unitarian University a couple returning from Palestine and their experiences with the people there 1 hour 6/29/03

Green Urban street with Glend Daniel Director of the Urban Green oPenland in Chicago 9/15/03 at the Regency in SF 3rd of the series Great Cities Great Ideas with Gavin Newsom

Sandy Pointdexter and Richardson and Friends Jazz concert at African American Center

Matt Gonzalez at Rasselas sat 10/4/03 31 min

Gavin Newsom with Norman Price former Mayor of Seattle taped 9/29/03 at the Regency 36 min

Pat O'Shea on Geary and 3rd SF - band, night life 1/2 hour 10/3/03

2003 Fillmore St Jazz Festival 1hour

DBF with Herve Utheza interviewe par Jean Louis Gassee 10/6/03 46 min

- Virgil Widrich www.widrichfilm.com at the showing of his Fastfilm in San Francisco

- Q&A at Museum of Modern Art SF

- The Bridge Club of SF - 415 928 8020 Tom Jones

- Charles Li gathering at United Nations Plaza 1h

- Jazz - Jay Richardson and Friends 1h

- Catherine Sims - 1h

- Pride of the Mediteranean 1/2 h

- Mesha for the Idriss Foundation : 1/2 h

- Microcinema Music video taped 7/28 1h

- Complete Giorgio Armani Party 1h

- Interview and expo Jack Dzamba in Berkeley - 1h icron.us

- Ted Gaebler at the Regency : Big Cities/Great Ideas forum organized by Gavin Newsom 1h1/2

Patrick Gauthier, Visa USA, au DBF le 7 Juillet 03. 55 min aired 7/12/03 at 8:30 p.m.

Telecom Meeting 5/29/03 issues affecting sf producers - 1h

San Francisco International Film Festival - Producer of Terrorist, Mychildrem Yulio Cohen Gerstel presentation. followed by Golden Gate Awards - 1h - May 03

Ella Hill Hutch Party Fundraiser with Jazz Band and singers - april 24th, 03 - 1 hour 

Teen Talent Contest - May 7th at the library, Koret auditorium - 1 hour
Hip Hop artists, vocalists, international dancers and other teen poerformers from throughout the Bay area - teen services specialist, Jennifer Collins 415 557 4268 sponsored by the Friends and Foundation of the SF Public Library

Mardi Gras party at Monte Carlo Restaurant in SF : A typical New Orleans Style Mardi gras celebration, taped saturday night - march 1st, 03, broadcasted tuesday March 4th 7 p.m. on ch 29 sf -- Going back in time - 1h

Metronome Ballroom Dancing - Dance class taped 2/21/03 at the metronome ballroom in SF - 1830 17th street - SF 94103 415 252 1559 metronomeballroom.com - 1h1/2

Makingmovies by the bay : taped at the commonwealth club in SF GROTTOFILMS and Commonwealth Club/INFORUM present... Wednesday, February 26, 2003 - 6:30 p.m.
Making Movies by the Bay: The State of the Art A panel discussion moderated by Xandra Castleton, co-founder of GROTTOFILMS, featuring:
BRIAN BENSON, Producer, "Haiku Tunnel," "Red-Diaper Baby," Co-Producer, "Dopamine"
ELEANOR COPPOLA, Director, "Hearts of Darkness - A Filmmaker's Apocalypse," "A Visit to China's Miao Country"
BARRY GIFFORD (Tentative), Screenwriter, "Lost Highway," "City of Ghosts," "Hotel Room," "Perdita Durango;" Director, "Carnevale;" Author, "American Falls," "Out of the Past," "Wild At Heart"
LYNN HERSHMAN LEESON, Director, Screenwriter, Producer, "Conceiving Ada," "Teknolust;" New Media Artist
GAIL SILVA, Director, Film Arts Foundation; Board President, California Newsreel; Board Member, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts; Member of Advisory Board, Sundance Film Festival, National Asian American Telecommunications Association, Frameline, San Francisco Cinematheque, and the media programs of The Exploratorium and Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens
FINN TAYLOR, Director and Writer, "Dream with Fishes," "Cherish," Director,"Caught in the Act" A panel of some of the Bay Area's most exciting directors, producers and writers will engage in a lively discussion about the past, present and future of filmmaking in the Bay Area. They will talk about their respective work, inspirations, collaborations, and trajectories of success. The discussion will lead to how Bay Area-based filmmakers are able to ply their craft and make movies outside the industry centers of New York or Los Angeles. - 1h1/2

Peace Rally in SF from Embarcadero to City hall Jan 18, 03 1h

Oct 26 Peace Rally at Justin Herman Plaza to Civic Center SF. Justing Herman Plaza, the march and the gathering at Civic Center.

Oct 23 At the Giants Game - Fans and scouting ticket sales around the pac bel park - about one hour. Equilibrium - Un musical dirige et realise par Jennifer Dinoia avec Michael Isaacs, Harriett Jastremsky, Marietta Vrettou, Carissa Zeleski, the amazing juggler Josh Weiner et special guests.set design par Jessica Weiss, Lighting Design par Greg Emetaz, Costume Design par Gretchen Mars. Une piece de danse et musique, scenes de jardins d'enfants dansees par des adultes plein d'humour et de scenes nostaligues. 04/01:Belly dancer at El Masri Restaurant in SF - Live Music and songs by Musa Hanhah 1-510-481-0494 - 4031 Balboa St · 415-876-2300. 04/01:"Chuck D" conference at Hasting Law School on Copyrights on the Internet. "www.rapstation.com" mistachuck@rapstation.com
Long Island Box 310 Roosevelt NY 11575 · 516-623-4515 · 516-623-4514 FAX
Atlanta 7139 Highway 85 Suite 131, Riverdalee Ga 30274 · 770-997-9124

Jean Pierrre Thorn in Oakland Luncheon with labor activists during his visit in California after 32 years of the filming of his movies "Dare to struggle, dare to win" of the Renault Geneeral strike. Questions, answers, comments with Jean Michel Normand and Steve Zeltzer. 2 hours.

Le theatre du chat noir. 1h and a half. Presentation de Paule Aubery at Notre dame des Victoires organisee par le Comite Officiel des Francais et Henri Fournier. Plusieurs "One Act" pieces. Une heure et demie.

Curbside Bistro : cooking demo in the kitchen of specialties from Alsace Feb 1, 2001 - one hour

Civic Center Demonstration of Bush inaugural - one hour

Monte Carlo Mardi Gras Party - 2 hours- at Monte Carlo Restaurant 1705 Yosemite in San Francisco

Jazz and Blues on Market st - San Francisco - 68 minutes

French American School musical night of middle school. One hour

French in the US - Conference by Jacqueline Lindenfeld - Les Francais aux Etats Unis - Jacqueline est anthropologue. Elle travaille actuellement a l'Universite d'Etat de Sonoma. Elle a publie de nombreux ouvrages notamment "The French in the United States" (ed Bergin and Garvey) Comment vivent les Francais qui se sont etablis aux Etats Unis? Dans quelle mesure parviennent-ils a maintenir leur identite francaise tout s'adaptant a la societe americaine? La description de leur mode de vie et de leur acculturation s'appuie sur une vaste enquete ethnographique, en particulier une centaine d'entretiens recueillis en Californie et dans l'Oregon.