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week of 11/30/09: Strike at the Palace Hotel and the St Francis Hotel - taped outside the hotels. taped friday 11/13 and wednesday 11/08/09 picked up by CNN.

week of 11/23/09: Morgan Desvignes - a l'alliance francaise nous parle de lui et a la fin des nouvelles regulations dans le marche des investissements - il recherche encore sa voie et en attendant met son francais et ses connaissances a la disposition des membres de l'alliance. dont 90% sont americains. - 415-775 77 55, suivi par expo du mois a l'alliance 1345 bush st.daria gabriel : "Alliance Française de San Francisco is proud to present Coeur Noir, Os d’Ivoire-a six-week exhibition of recent work by Daria Gabriel. A collection of two series, the paintings of Coeur Noir, Os d’Ivoire explore an unsettled space in which richly layered and painted surfaces offer a distinct reflective and flickering quality. Dense with references to the oldest architecture and legends tied to the street it was named after, the group Rue de la Tombe-Issoire presents poetic and ephemeral meditations on temporal ambiguity. The second series, Les Contes des Fées, frequently alludes to the nature, folklore, and history experienced by the artist in the South of France. Though the work is finely detailed and heavily structured, energy is allowed to manifest within the obscure interrelation of buildings, walls, fairytales, language and archetypal imagery. An exchange that typically occurs out of sight, it is only though the gradual comprehension of the layers, textures, and bold use of colors that one can view such an element of enchantment transposed from one material state to another. They are not so much paintings as they are objects of magic and mystery.More information:

week of 11/16/09: Romain Pokrzywka vient aux Etats Unis pour sa compagnie KDAB, une compagnie de software consulting pour les applications "portables". Il revient en Janvier 2010 pour y demarrer leur activites aux USA. box., Box 30 SE-683 21 Hagfors - or Norrings vag 2 - Sweden - tel : 46 563 54 00 90 cel 46 70 572 94 32

week of 11/09/09: Alain B. Calefas au dbf du 2 novembre 09. Serenity Valley Botanical Gardens - One Serenity Valley Road - Pescadero CA 94060 650-879-0800 - - voir

week of 11/02/09: Halloween party

week of 10/25/09: Documentary - a silent film

week of 10/19/09: a visit in the silicon valley

week of 10/12/09: Oracle - Music Video outside Moscone Center et interview des participants

week of 10/05/09: Ella Thu Tran est du Vietnam et parle couramment le francais. Elle nous parle de ses etudes au Vietnam et aux USA

week of 09/28/09: Franck Nouyrigat nous parle de ses deux start ups KARMA une application iphone ou l'on peut enregistrer les endroits ou l'on se sent bien et ou l'on voudrait retourner. vert, good, jaune so so et rouge not so good - et IDPOPS une plateforme ou les gens peuvent soumettre leurs idees., 011 33 6 33 245 581 548 Market st #36745 San Francisco CA 94104-;

week of 09/21/09: Jean Marc Verdiell interviewe par Francois Laugier au dbf de septembre 09. voir

week of 09/14/09: Sound Waves performs in Alameda

week of 09/07/09: Jan Van Tassel, covers the life of Bob Enos and his band "Sound Waves" -interview Bob Enos - covering 1958 to 2009 - If you ever wanted to meet the music director behind the band of the Love Boat. it was Bob Enos, now 84, miraculously alive with a heart transplant...

week of 08/31/09: Mounir a l'alliance francaise - bay area tango union square instruction and practice.

week of 08/24/09: Another look at the history of the Fillmore jazz through an expo "Relections of Jazz, History and Heritage" live gypsy jazz and slide show by Edward Zerin of his book "Image of America : Jewish San Francisco". Photgraphs by Mars Breslow and paintings by Frnk Koci, Jeremy Sutton, Valery Kagounkin and Wosene Kosrof. Tribut e to the legends of jazz. Additional paintings reflect on sentiments of Eastern European inspiration, as well as new works created to celebrate the current JHC/Koret Heritage Lobby exhibition ""jews of the FIllmore" a historic look at turn of the century scenes of Jewish persuasion in the FIllmore District. We also feature a small collection of posters that depict playbills and advertisements of Jewish culture in the early 1900's, on loan and provided by Fillmore neighbor, Chatoeau Tivoli. Through october 20, 2009. taped saturday 8/23/09. .

week of 08/17/09: Caitlin Miller - The Breakthrough Game addressed a group of unemployed people in Danville. take her challenge, first visit: - "The business of breakthroughs: quantum leaps A leader is like an electron: locked into a set orbit around a nucleus, when injected with precisely 1 quanta of energy, an electron will suddenly and instantaneously leap to a higher-vibration orbit. First it’s here; then it’s there. Both process and result bear no resemblance to familiar, linear, Newtonian improvement. Similarly, when you learn to raise, maintain and focus energy in very specific ways, new destinations - which hitherto lay out of reach - become attainable." then try her 90 breakthrough game. 415-823-4444

week of 08/10/09: Chefs - Food and wine show at Union Square - George Landau nous parle du Rotary Club International - dans 160 pays. depuis 100 ans. une organization qui leve de fonds pour des bonnes causes comme l'eradication de la polio, les bourses, la lutte contre la faim and beaucoup d'autres programmes. L'histoire du club et de son evolution dans le monde 8/7/09

week of 08/03/09: 2nd annual Fashion Award at the Phoenix Hotel, showcase of 10 designers for children and adults on sunday 7/26/09. Lisa Yu on the mortgage/housing market. Joan Baez at Stern Grove

week of 07/27/09: Stephane Alisse au dbf du 6 Juillet 2009, interviewe par Fred Stemmelin (idb consulting). voir

week of 07/21/09: Remembering Michael Jackson, Banking on Michael Jackson, Talk about Michael Jackson, passing the Obama Health Plan all at the FIllmore Jazz Fest. 7/4 and 7/5 2009 - Celebraion du 14 Juillet : potluck a l'alliance, expo Patrick Isnard et celebration sur Belden place

week of 07/14/09: Iran : What happened? Sayed Rezvani, an Iranian in San Francisco explains. Relations that suck by Marilyn Yu - a book on accepting your true self


week of 07/07/09: Samurai - Expo at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco - Civic Center - Music video - Horses in the City for June Teen and Firement at work

week of 06/30/09: Luc Arnal et Benjamin Morillon en visite a San Francisco pour une conference sur le cerveau et pour faire de futures contacts avec des organismes de recherche americains. Ils terminent leur docotrat en chercheurs sur le fonctionement du cerveau humain. et

week of 06/23/09: JOBNOB - startups meet job seekers at Julian's - They make a one minute presentation of their company then they meed interested people while having a drink or just networking.

week of 06/16/09: 15e anniversaire de DBF le 1er juin 2009.,

week of 06/09/09: Guy Kastenbaum nous parle de sa visite a san francisco pour la conference pour web developers de,

week of 06/02/09: Kev prepares Chicken Provencale and past a l'italienne 5/24/09

week of 05/26/09: special : Supreme Court uphold prop 8. Annnouncement and protest on Van Ness ave - san francisco may 26, 09

week of 05/19/09: Special : Bay to Breakers 5/17/09

week of 05/12/09: Kids Murals at steiner and geary st - Music Video - Interview Agent X 04 78 1849 - Un Tunisien au cafe Emporio - Union Square le 13 Mai 09

week of 05/5/09: Bertrand Devort of Blue Orange Games - Fais un stage en commercial a san francisco pour son MBA. Ces jeux pour enfants de 3 ans et plus sont fait en bois (de bambous) et distribues surtout en Amerique du Nord.

week of 04/27/09: Marc Chagall and the Russian Jewish Theatre at the Contemporary Jewish Museum - Music video of expo 5/1/09 and opening remarks by exec director Connie Wolf 4/22/09

week of 04/21/09: Rehearsals dance and yoga. - 1 917 450 07 33

week of 04/14/09: Northbeach reactions to earthquake in Italy 20 miles East of Rome. at Cafe Roma and Mona Lisa Restaurant

week of 04/07/09: Closing the Innovation Gap, by Judy Estrin. Presentation at Book Inc. in San Francisco 601 Van Ness ave. March 30, 2009. Judy explains why Innovation is put on a stand still in the US. because of current investment and capital gains policies and because innovations take more than one year to show return, something the investors are not willing to wait for. Sponsored by the Jewish Federation org

week of 03/31/09: Event at the Jewish high school 1871 Ellist st. Revival of Hasidic dance with Bruce Bierman, art show music video. sponsored by the Bureau of Jewish education

week of 03/24/09: World War II Survivor - Rodney Carter, talks to us about his experience as the first black pilot with the authorization of Rosevelt wife, then as a commander, then as a prisoner in a Cage eating garbage every day and talks about the death walks where many died deprived of food and water. He is now 86. He raised 10 children upon his return after the war and now lives alone as a widower in San Francisco

week of 03/17/09: Beatrice Gisie nous parle de l'Alsace et des langues parlees dans cette region, Christopher et David lsljamovski nous parlent des langues qu'ils ont parlees en Suisse

week of 03/10/09: prop 8 deliberation mars 5th, supreme court building 350 mc allicter and civic center broadcast

week of 03/03/09: freddy mini au dbf de mars 09.

week of 02/25/09: special

week of 02/17/09: tap dancing trio

week of 02/10/09: Dollhouse Betty - live manequin on haight st

week of 02/03/09: In transition - story of the week. Man selling stuff recycled in between jobs

week of 01/27/09: Jazz Heritage center at 1320 fillmore st next to Yoshi's- followed by Jazz and other at the Cafe International on Haight and Fillmore st - San Francisco

week of 01/20/09: Obama Inaugural at civic center 1/20/2009

week of 01/13/09: Macworld 2009 - interview 1/7/09, the art gallery at the concourse 1/09/09, the expo, the promos

week of 01/06/09: Marika Verdeaux, une francaise aux usa, Reflections by Jonathan Marks at D-structure 520 haight st

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