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week of 12/26/06 : Alissa Quart on educating gifted children - Larry Bisagni.

12/19/06, 12/20/06, 12/23/2006: Chinese new year celebration - taped 11/25/06.


12/12/06, 12/13/06, 12/16/2006: Daniel Vellou au dbf du 6 novembre 06 - voir

Grace at 

12/05/06, 12/06/06, 12/09/2006: Grace at Grace - musical by Joe Goode taped at Grace Cathedral 11/03/06.

11/28/30, 11/29/06, 12/01/2006: Cote Sud - taped in 2005.

11/21/30, 11/22/06, 11/25/2006: Joe Goode - Choreographer - interview and demo - taped Oct 15, 2006, Larry Bisagni.

11/14/30, 11/15/06, 11/18/2006: Anne lamott - Author of Plan B and beyond, Bird by Bird and Traveling Mercies - taped oct 22, 2006, Larry Bisagni

11/7/30, 11/08/06, 11/11/2006: 2006 Hip Hop show taped sunday oct 15, 2006.

10/31, 11/01/06, 11/4/2006: Jean Mathieu, un nouveau graduate dans la baie nous parle de lui et de son hobby "kite surfing" qu'il pratique depuis quelques mois, suivi par Khalid Mourabit, chef au restaurant Ziryab. 528 Divisadero st at Hayes - San Francisco

10/10, 10/17 10/18/2006: Marc Anselme nous parle de sa carriere aux Etats Unis et en France d'abord comme ingenieur puis comme manager de fonds prives suivi par une conversation avec Erik sur les strategies d'investissements - - 1 888 59ACORN, enregistre le 16 septembre 06 a Saudalito

10/03, 10/24, 10/25/2006: Erik Adigard nous parle de son experience americaine - Web/communication consultant a sausalito - voir 1 415 331 1032 usa et 06 98 49 84 43 france

09/26, 09/27, 09/30/2006: Vincent Paquet au dbf du 11 Septembre 2006 - voir et

Kenny Neal

09/19, 09/20, 09/23/2006: Kenny Neal live outdoors concert in San Francisco. The real Blues from New Orleans taped 9/1/06 t

Steven Backman in his studio

09/12, 09/13, 09/16/2006: Steven Backman in his studio, he displays his toothpick sculptures and his portofolios of expos including his latest Expo at the Empire State building in N.Y. check out his website 415-225-1156 -, Steven gives us a demonstration of his toothpick art by glueing some toothpicks on a black mat to acheive a flag sculpture, taped 8/25/06 over a background of french radio station, followed by Michele Feder at work in her studio, painting with a spatula, taped 8/14/06, and other clips.


08/29, 08/30, 08/31/2006: Mostly Music videos : Michele Feder artmusic video taped 8/7/06, Full Moon 8/11/06. Zyriab located on divisadero, 528 Divisadero San Francisco CA 94117, 415-522-0800, 415-269-5430 taped 8/14/06, World Cup 7/09/06,Sausalito Mime (silent Mime!) taped 7/29/06 and Murield Maffre danseuse etoile au Stern Grove park le 8/13/06

Legrand Recent Show

07/25, 07/26, 07/29//2006: Stephane Legrand de passage a San Francisco au Palace Hotel. interview et preparation d'une de ses specialites: Thon frais non cuit, prepare au jus de noix de coco et d'orange - Chef au Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa; Spa BP 502, Vaitape, 98730 Bora Bora - French Polynesia followed by le Quintet de Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert interprete Serge Gainsbourg en Jazz : Couleur Cafe, Les Sucettes, La Javanaise, Je t'aime, Moi non plus. Michael Gold au saxophone, Pauyl Mindrup a l'orgue, Scott Chapek a la basse, Tom Hassett a la batteire. - filme le 25 juin 2006


07/18, 07/19, 07/22/2006: Tosh Tv presents.. Taped in NY -

07/11, 07/12, 07/15//2006: Rock Band contest - taped June 8th, 2006, at 12 Galaxzy on Mission st - 14 bands compete for the 1st prize to go to Germany - Finalists to compete July 8th at the Great American Music Hall on Geary st in SF

07/04, 07/05, 07/08//2006: Jean Claude Viollier interviewe par Jean Louis Gassee au DBF de Juin 2006 - voir

6/27, 6/28, 7/1/2006: Christian de Cambiaire at the Newmark Gallery et Marianne Kolb next door at the Hespe gallery (taped May 20, 2006), Bay to Breakers (taped May 21, 2006) by Mishell Stimpson, and immigrants demontration at Civic Center San Francisco (taped May 1, 2006)

06/20, 6/21, 6/24/2006: Special : Anne Rice and NT Wright, Larry Bisagni

06/13, 06/14, 6/17/2006: Christopher Caen talks about his job as a columnist for the SF Examiner, about his father Herb Caen, who was a columnist for the SF Chronicle, about San Francisco and his upcoming magazine "Benefit" which will deal with non-profit organizations and how to help them. Coming out in sept. 06 at a newsstand near you - Larry Bisagni (taped April 30, 2006 )

06/06, 06/07, 6/10/2006: Michael Lapsley, journalist and director of the Institute of Healing of memories - Hatred, Fear and reconciliation in South Africa - Produced by Larry Bisagni - taped May 21st, 2006

5/30, 5/31, 6/03/2006: Eric Cyderbloom - the 30 seconds presentation

5/23, 5/24, 5/27/2006: Mary Minder - Speaks on the subject of working with recruiters at EU

5/16, 5/17, 5/20/2006: James D Tabor - "By studying the earliest surviving documents of christianity and participating in major archeolofical excavations, James Tabor has created an impressive body of research about historical Jesus. Dr. Tabor has also made bold assertions about the person who was Christ. Larry Bisagni - taped April 23rd, 06

5/09, 5/10, 5/11/2006: Art of Living Expo taped April 5th 2006, at the Contemporary Jewish Museum,, 121 Stuart st SF. and Museum of the African Diaspora, 685 Mission st in Sf newly openned in san francisco in Dec 06 415-358-7200 taped april 20th, 2006 - Gilles Combet expo and interview at the the Newmark Gallery, taped april 7,2006 - Gilles Combert 415-279-0587

5/02, 5/03, 5/04/2006: Kev Cooking show. taped march 10th, 2006 in SF.

4/25, 4/26, 4/27/2006: Romanus Walter - The kick start guy - Success strategist and speaker - check out 415-255-2496, taped µarch 16, 2006 at EU SF, followed by Harv Ecker - Peak Potentials speaker, taped at the Hilton Feb 22nd, 2006.

4/18, 4/19, 4/20/2006: Van Jones founder of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights(EBC). Headquartered in Oakland, CA, EBC, is a national organization that challenges human rights abuses in the US criminal justice system. Larry Bisagni - taped March 26, 2006

4/11, 4/12, 4/13/2006: Philippe Courtot interviewe par jean louis gassee au DBF du 6 mars 06 - voir

4/4, 4/5, 4/6/06: James Moore : author of "One Nation under God - the history of Prayer" - "In a highly original approach to history, James Moore has examined the American experience though the lens of prayer. From national anthems to arts and litereature, everyhing American springs from a collective view of the divine. Discover how our history, economy and society have been affected by our national relationship with God." Larry Bisagni - taped February 26, 06 - one hour

3/28, 3/29, 3/30/06: Michael Lerner - The rise of the Religious Left. "As a nation, can we let go of our desire to conquer and subdue all evil-doers at home and abroad? Can we imagine a future when the primary message of US Foreign policy is one of love, generosity and compassion for all people? Maverick rabbi Michael Lerner is leading the charge for a political revolution, bringing spirituality to the center of discourse in America. A panel of distinguished guests including Fr. Stephen Privett, SJ and Ms Maha Elgenaidi, President and CEO, Islamic Network group, will explore how the liberal religious community can create a better world. Michael Lerner author of "The Left hand of God". Taking our country back from the Religious Right and Editor of Tikkun magazine" Larry Bisagni - taped February 19, 06

3/21, 3/22, 3/23/06: Eric Benhamou interviewe par jean louis gassee au dbf du 13 Fevrier, 06 - voir

3/14, 3/15, 3/16/06: Charles Fishman - author of the Wal-Mart Effect : How an Out-of-Town superstore became an Out-of-Control superpower. Editor of Fast Company magazine. "It's a store, Its a City. Its a supercenter! whatever we think of the retail giant, Wal-Mart has risen to a position of global dominance by what some consider dubious business practices. Fast Company editor Charles Fishman has discovered the truth behind the low and lower prices that have a nation of shoppers hypnotized with bargain shopping." taped February 5h, 2006. Larry Bisagni.

3/07, 3/08, 3/09/05: Chris Patten, Chancellor, Oxford and Newcastle Universities & Chairman, "Christopher Patten brought sweeping democratic reforms to Hong Kong as its last colonial governor. His diplomatic work has brought him to the table with militant groups in Northern Ireland and the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka. In his latest book, "Cousins and Strangers" : America, Britain and Europe in a New Century, Lord Pattend outlines his path for international reconciliation and partnership." Larry Bisagni - taped January 290, 2006

2/28, 2/29, 2/30/06: Gerald Uelmen - In defense of justice - Law professor "Gerald Uelmen was on the OJ Simpson "dream team" and was counsel for Daniel Ellsberg during his Pentagon Papers trial. Uelmen has also gone toe to toe with the US Justice Dept before the Supreme Court in defense of medical marijuana. He will share his views on the recent selection of Supreme Court nominees. Find out how politics determine the shape of justice in America" - taped january 22nd, 06 - Larry Bisagni

2/21, 2/22, 2/23/06: jazz - Cafe international - sunday jan 15, 2006

2/14, 2/15, 2/16/06: Amine Chabane interviewe par Jean Louis Gassee au DBF du 9 Janvier 06 - voir

2/7, 2/8, 2/09/06: Internet advertising - Sun w/Emmanuel Obadia and Wine and Business conference Oracle w/Karim Mokhnachi 9/22/05

1/31, 2/1, 2/2/05: J. Michel Moro - olivier Roux - Poubelle Boys with Stephane Benac - Play taped in Paris 2005

1/24, 25 26/06: Interview Christophe Ciceron - Sports Tempo - Christophe est un footballer professionel qui a atteri en Californie a la suite d'evenements de sa vie et consacre sa passion pour le foot en aidant les clubs de foot, en organisant des tournois entre equipes et en consultant sportif. Il pense developper ses ambitions en organisant des tournois internationaux aux USA en commencant par la Californie - enregistre le 10 Decembre 05 - voir 415-505-6057

01/11, 12 14/06: Dr. Jay A. Levy : The relentless pursuit of a cure. Since the beginning of the Aids epidemic, Dr, Jay Levy has been focussed on finding a cure. In the 1980's, his laboratory was one of the first to isolate the retrovirus and has been involved in intensive HIV research for decades. Learn abouth the latest developments in controlling the global spread of AIDS and find out how close we are to a cure. He is also Professor in the dept of medecine and research associate at the Cancer Research Institute, UCSF. Larry Bisagni

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